About PLD Needlepoint Designs

PLD Designs, Inc is a wholesale needlepoint company that specializes in handpainted needlepoint in a variety of styles - contemporary, abstract, landscapes, florals, art from countries around the world. 

Enjoy unique needlepoint canvas designs from a stable of fine artists.

PLD Designs needlepoint

PLD Designs, Inc. trades as JulieMar & Friends and Unique NZ Designs.

NB: PLD Designs, Inc. sells wholesale to the trade only. Please contact your local needlepoint store or online outlet to purchase any of these designs, or contact us for details of where you can find what you need.

The needlepoint wholesale line was started in the 1970's by Julie Thompson, a plein air artist, who specialized in beautiful landscapes and realistic florals.

Julie Thompson needlepoint

Julie's designs have an elegance that capture the beauty of a setting or subject. 

In 2008, Julie decided to pursue other ventures and PLD Designs purchased her line.

PLD Designs is owned and operated by Patricia Dee. She has been stitching needlepoint designs since she was a child. In 2002, having quit her full-time job, Patricia began spending more time at needlepoint shops. Needlepoint had entered a new phase – new decorative stitch techniques were being used, specialty fibers had become popular, and vibrantly painted canvases were offered. Patricia was hooked, and she was thrilled to be able to purchase the JulieMar line and begin a new venture.

Since 2008, the JulieMar line has evolved. Julie Thompson's beautiful florals and landscapes remain prominently featured, and several new artists have joined the stable - all of which can be seen by selecting Catalog from the Main Menu. 

In 2017 Pat purchased a contemporary line of needlepoint and licensed artists from Unique NZ Designs.

This range features global art, fun sayings and contemporary, often whimsical themes.

Designs from Unique NZ Designs

Some of the designs from Unique NZ Designs


There are many talented artists to explore on this site. We continue to seek new talent, in new genre.

We try to hold a reliable and responsive level of inventory at all times, so that when you order a canvas from us we can ship it out to you in a matter of days.

Many of our canvases are offered on both 13 and 18 mesh (same design dimensions). See the product listings for details.

Join us for an adventure in needlepoint.